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Priority Car Financing

The Car You Want

We pride ourselves in providing reliable cars that fit within your budget. With our unparalleled efficiency we can get you approved for the car that you need within a few hours! If you already have a car in mind, don’t worry, we’ll help you with that too!

Application & Approval

Do you want to build your credit? Have others declined you? Good Credit, Bad Credit, it doesn’t matter, we can and will approve you ! Here at Priority Car Financing, our goal is to help you get approved for the car that you want! Where others didn’t give you a chance, we will!

The Loan Experience

Our goal is to get you the rate that you deserve! As a prime client you can be sure that through our partnerships with lenders, you will get your best rate! But, if you have bad credit, and others don’t want you, don’t worry because we can approve you in-house.

New to the Country? No credit? Bad credit? We work with everyone!

We strive to build your credit, so when you pay your loan you can be sure that everyone will know about it through our partnerships with TransUnion and Equifax. We are the lending company with a heart, with us you get a 100% open loan and no penalties for early payment, and you can be sure that when times are tough we won’t kick you while you’re down!

Finance Your Car

Get Approved within A few hours

As soon as you submit your application one of our hard-working car loan staff members will contact you and discuss possible terms for your loan. We will work with our lending partners to get you an affordable car loan, whether that be a good credit or bad credit car loan!

very low interest rates

We work with all of the major banks to get you approved at the best rate that you can get! If they don’t approve you, don’t worry, because we have no issues financing bad credit car loans in-house!

terms of your choices

When you get a car loan from us, you get a 100% open loan and no penalties for early repayment. We will work with you to get you a term for your car financing that fulfills your needs, provided that it is reasonable. To us, it doesn’t matter whether you have a bad credit car loan, our car dealership in Toronto is here to help.

affordable payments

We strive to get you an affordable car loan. Not only that but even if you have a bad credit car loan, we will strive to get you the payment that you need! We believe that affordable payments, and a low-interest car loan are the key to a happy client!

Reliable Car


We strive to get you a car that all other car dealerships in Toronto would be envious of. We want to make sure that you only have to service your car once in a while. We strive to provide a clean vehicle that will make your driving life easier!


No matter your credit, we will strive to provide the best service and continuous service in the industry. Whether you have a bad credit car loan or not, our car dealership in Toronto will provide service that is compliant with all safety standards set out by our government. In addition, upon request, our bad credit car loan department will deliver the vehicle with a safety certificate.


Our company was built in the image of the customer. We strive to provide the highest quality customer service, whether you have a bad credit car loan or not. Our car dealership in Toronto works to provide your car loan/car financing with the highest level of support that you can get. No matter what, we will be there to support you throughout your bad credit car loan!


Throughout your car loan or even after, whether that be a bad credit car loan, or a bank credit car loan, we will offer you service programs, plans or products to make sure that your needs are fulfilled. If you follow our lead, you will never be stuck on the side of the road without the ability to get help! Our team is here to help regardless whether you have a good or a bad credit car loan.

Customers reviews

What do real people say?

My family bought a truck from this wonderful company and they have been great to us ever since. Indy is just amazing! He really goes above to try to help and fix any issues and has a big heart of understanding. Really amazing!!
Solange H.
Google Verified Review
I will be proud to say if you ever want to be treated like your respected and accepted with smiles from start to end with uttermost respect for your service and desire of your wish car and would love it too be with easy please try here first and you can thank me later...shout out too Mr INDRI G. 💯
Couri R.
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