Privacy Policy

I authorize the obtainment of a consumer credit report in order to evaluate this application. I also authorize the obtainment of credit information from me and the exchanging of that credit information with other creditors and consumer reporting agencies. I certify that the above information is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I authorize Priority Car Financing Corp. to obtain and/or exchange personal information with any other third party in order to establish or verify my financial standing. Priority Car Financing Corp. also reserves the right to obtain any third party’s assistance in order to obtain an approval for the financing that I have requested.

In addition to the information that Priority Car Financing Corp collects from me (including information collected on this form or that I have otherwise provided to Priority Car Financing Corp), I hereby consent to Priority Car Financing Corp collecting my personal information, disclosing my personal information and exchanging my personal information for all purposes related to this application.  This consent includes, without limitation; any car dealership and financing/leasing company; insurance agents and/or brokers; any investigative and/or security agency, or any other organization or person that Priority Car Financing Corp may decide to use that requires my information.

I consent to Priority Car Financing Corp using the personal information that it collects from me for the purposes of processing this application; detecting and protecting against error and fraud (including investigating potentially fraudulent activity); defending and bringing legal actions; providing ongoing service; understanding and evaluating my needs and eligibility for products and services; marketing Priority Car Financing Corp products and services to me; complying with legal and regulatory requirements and for any other purposes permitted or required by law or with my consent. 

I/We consent to my/our personal information being used and disclosed for the purposes of Priority Car Financing corp. and its agents contacting me/us by email, text, telephone, or any other means of telecommunication to provide me/us with news, service related information, updates, promotional offers and any other notifications that Priority Car Financing Corp may decide to communicate to me/us, until I expressly notify Priority Car Financing Corp. to stop using my personal information in this manner.

A file containing my personal information will held by or on behalf of Priority Car Financing Corp. will be stored on the servers of Priority Car Financing Corp or its service provider(s) and will be accessed by employees, agents, service providers and authorized agents of Priority Car Financing Corp who may, from time to time, require the information to perform their duties. I understand that my personal information may be transferred to or located outside of Canada and will be subject to the laws of the jurisdiction in which the information is held. 

I understand that for more information (including if the information is transferred or located outside of Canada) or to access or correct my personal information, I may contact Priority Car Financing Corp.

Priority Car Financing Corp may act as a lender or as an Off-Site Finance Business Office for the dealer you are buying the car from.

After Market Products and Financing Fee: 

5Priority Car Financing Corp. and/or any third party assisting in providing the financing requested, will offer aftermarket products for purchase by the Buyer and/or Co-buyer. These aftermarket products will include but will not be limited to Accident, Health and Life Credit Protection, Antitheft Protection, Gap Warranty, Extended Warranty etc. Please contact Priority Car Financing Corp if you want details on the pricing of these products. The Financing Fee will be a minimum of $1599 and charged only if the Buyer and/or Co-Buyer accept.

I understand that I may not be approved by Priority Car Financing Corp. I understand that I may not be approved by Priority Car Financing Corp. at a rate that I find attractive. I understand that I may not be approved for the vehicle that I want. I understand that I may be offered approvals by third party lenders; offers that I will be able to decline. I understand that any vehicle that I am approved for may not come directly from Priority Car Financing Corp. 

I confirm that the information provided is true, accurate and correct.