In House Financing Dealers

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In House Financing Dealers Explained

How do these Dealers Work?

This type of financing means that you are getting your car purchased & financed from the same locale: The Dealer! This is also commonly known as buy here pay here financing. In House Financing Dealers can be one of the best options for a consumer looking to get a good deal on the financing, as well as things like quick or guaranteed approvals.

Buy Here Pay Here Options that are selling their own cars are a lot more likely to be willing to approve clients with poor credit. In house financing dealers are also generally more accommodating in the process since the entire approval, buying, safety, signing experience is done under one roof so all the departments are much more coordinated. In general, in house financing dealers are a great way to get a good deal on a car and financing, as long as that dealership or their finance partner do a good job!

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Our Solution

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution, we’ve got your back. We have strong relationships with lots of dealer partners and a dedicated/experienced finance staff, which eliminate all the cons we just mentioned, while keeping all the pros. While traditional in house financing dealers can be a good option, we offer the best of both worlds and can give you the same experience. Just send through an application and you’ll hear from us very soon! Convenience & approvals for even those with bad credit are there for all applicants of all credit – in fact, we’ll help build your credit.

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Pros of Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

  • Forgiving Finance Options
  • Closed loop efficiency
  • More available low down payment options
  • Convenient

Cons of In House Financing dealers

  • Not as specialized as finance institutions
  • Less vehicle options
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Options through a third-party for in house financing dealers

Many dealers, in contrast to the traditional model have deep relationships with a specialized finance firm. These dealers know that the buy here pay here model can be an important alternative to the bank financing model, and so have partnered with a specialized firm to offer the best options for clients. This can be just as efficient if not better than general in house financing, since these firms are just as likely to take care of you as the dealer, but also have decades of experience in the business. That means that you get the best of both worlds and get a more wholistic view of your credit report.

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Traditional Financing

The main option to which Buy Here pay Here or In House Financing Dealers offer an alternative for is third-party banks, primarily through banks. These can include:

  • RBC
  • CIBC
  • TD
  • Desjardins
  • Scotiabank or SDA

Unfortunately, these options aren’t very forgiving to those with bruised or bad credit, which is where Buy Here Pay Heredealers or the other options we mentioned before come in!

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